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$74MM Loan Portfolio Sale

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$74MM Loan Portfolio Sale

CBRE's National Loan & Portfolio Sale Advisors has been retained to act as the exclusive loan sale advisor for the sale of a portfolio of 31 loan assets with collateral located across the country and a diverse mix of product types including industrial, multifamily, office, hospitality, marina, retail and healthcare.

We anticipate indicative bids to be submitted on April 15th, 2021.

- Portfolio Overview - 

Opportunistic Upside + Stable Cash Flow - 57% of the total portfolio UPB is sub and nonperforming and may present the note purchaser with the opportunity to pursue Lender’s rights. The remaining 43% consists of loans that are paying as agreed, offering prospective investors the potential for consistent cash flow.

Recourse / Credit Enhancement - The majority of the loans within the portfolio are either full recourse or partial recourse to their respective borrowers.

Well Positioned / Geographically Diverse Collateral - The loans are secured by properties located across the country providing desirable market diversification.

Investor Optionality - The offering provides investors with the ability to submit offers on the entire portfolio or select subpools.

- Performing Loans -

Well Secured & Significant Amortization - The performing loans were originated between 2007 - 2016 and have experienced significant amortization since origination.

Seasoned Portfolio - The performing subpool consists of well-seasoned loans with weighted average seasoning of +9 years.

Attractive In-Place Yield & Overall Return - The weighted average coupon is 5.40%, yielding $2.5 Million of scheduled annual cash flow from debt service and a debt constant of 7.9%.

Prepayment Provisions / Exit Fees - Most of the loans in the performing pool are protected from prepayment with yield maintenance and a subset include exit fees.

- Nonperforming Loans - 

Upside - The Portfolio includes loans that have matured and/or are currently nonperforming. The successor lender(s) may have the right to modify/restructure these loans while pursuing legal remedies.

Desirable Asset Types / Income Producing Assets - The nonperforming loans within the portfolio are secured by a mix of property types with current liquidity in today’s environment including light industrial, multifamily, essential retail and mini-storage. Moreover, many of the assets in the portfolio remain cash-flow positive.

Favorable Cost Basis - The loan balance for the majority of the assets in the portfolio are well below both replacement cost and sale prices for comparable properties in their respective markets.

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