Odessa, TX | Multifamily | Closed On RealINSIGHT Marketplace

  • May 02, 2019
  • Marketplace Closings

100-Unit, 83% Occupied Multifamily Complex Sold For $5,000,000

Village Place Apartments sold on RealINSIGHT MarketplaceRealINSIGHT Marketplace is pleased to announce the sale of Village Place Apartments in Odessa, Texas.

Marketplace joined forces with Greysteel to sell this 100-unit, 83% occupied multifamily complex. The combined marketing efforts centered on the value-add opportunity the property presented to investors; With over 90% of the units having two or more bedrooms, the new owners now have the ability to add substantial value by increasing occupancy alone.

Ultimately bringing eight unique bidders to auction achieving a final sales price of $5,000,000.

FINAL SALE PRICE: $5,000,000


Learn more about this auction property by visiting the asset page: Village Place Apartments or by contacting us at info@rimarketplace.com.